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7 Great Robot Vacuums - Best for Pet Hair

Robot vacuums that are best for pet hair will be able to do more than just pick up daily debris. Although the best robot vacuums might seem impressive, many pet hair problems will be difficult to solve.

Pet hair can stick to both the carpet fibers and the brush bar on run-of-the-mill Robot Vacuums. This means they may not pick up pet hair or might jam up if they do. This is unfortunate considering that pets can shed all year!

Luckily, there are some Robot Vacuums, best for pet hair and carpet cleaning that can do the job well for you. Unfortunately you won't see this in the specifications - so it can be difficult to spot a Robot Vacuum that's best for pet hair cleaning. The best Roombas claim that they are specifically made to handle pet hair cleaning. Are they really? Let's see if they feature our list of the best Robot Vacuums that can handle pet hair.

7 Robot Vacuums that are best for Pet Hair Cleaning

ILIFE A4s Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner, 2000Pa Max

This popular Robot Vacuum features Gen 3+ CyclonePower with 1500 Pa suction power Max mode and 2000 Pa suction power Spot mode - which makes the difference in being able to pick up stubborn pet hair.

For deep and thorough cleaning of carpet-like floors, the suction force automatically increases. Carpet cleaning is made easier by the combination of bristle and rubber rollers. The 2-in-1 feature roller reduces tangle and picks up pet hair.

The ElectroWall feature includes a way to create a virtual barrier that will stop robots from entering the children's play area for example.

The remote makes it easy to set up a cleaning schedule. It can vacuum for up to 100 minutes and then automatically recharges when the battery is low. The higher model in this range, the A80 Max Mop, also offers you control via a Mobile App and Alexa as well as the capability to mop in addition to the standard vacuum functionality.

Shark IQ AV1002AE Robot Vacuum - Best for Pet Hair Cleaning

The bagless, self-emptying base on this Robo Vac can hold dirt and debris for up to 45 days. The brushroll cleans itself and removes long hair and pet hair. The new model (RV1001AE) has a faster mapping speed, which allows for a more complete home map. It almost seems like this product was designed with pet parents specifically in mind.

Better carpet cleaning performance than the RV1001AE. You can schedule a whole-home clean or focus on specific areas or rooms right away with SharkClean's app. Or, you can use voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to speak with SharkClean.

You can deep-clean large and small particles, as well as pet hair, from floors and carpets. The AV1002AE cleans row by row then moves from room to room to ensure complete coverage. It maps your house and lets you pick which rooms to clean right away.

This robot vacuum is designed for pets and features a self-empty bottom, multi-surface brush roll, and a multi-stage filtration system that captures dust, dander, and allergens.

WYZE Robot Vacuum with LIDAR Mapping Technology

The Wyze Robot Vacuum knows more about your home than you do! This little cleaner features seven sensors that can map your home and navigate around obstacles. The most advanced Lidar sensor scans your home in just seconds and understands the floor plan for future use.

It then navigates a straight-line path to vacuum hardwood and carpet. The Wyze Robot Vacuum can be sent to any room for an immediate cleaning. Have computer wires under your desk or dog bowls in your corner? That's no problem. To tell the Wyze robot vacuum what it cannot do, you can create a "no-go zone" from the App.

You will need a high-torque brush roller, a side brush to clean edges, and about 2100Pa of suction power for the tough stuff like pet hair and carpets. The Wyze robot vacuum has these capabilities and the app offers three modes to unleash it: Standard, Strong, and Quiet to clean embedded dirt, dust, and crumbs.

Wyze Robot Vacuum can clean all surfaces, including hardwood floors and high-pile carpets. To clean over bumps and other obstacles, the robot vacuum can reach heights of up to 0.8 inches (20 mm).

Wyze Vac runs for 110 minutes on a single charge. After it completes its journey, the Wyze Vac will return to the charging station. If the battery is down, it will return to charge before picking it up from where it left off.

This one was overall a great product and a tough competitor for the top spot on our list!

Proscenic M7 Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Intelligent Dust Collector automatically cleans the dust from your vacuum robot's dust container. This allows you to be hands-free from beginning to end. The Intelligent Dust Collector is available separately and is not included in this package.

The upgraded laser navigation system intelligently maps and navigates your home. It creates a real-time map and then recommends the best cleaning routes. It has 24 sensors that can be used to efficiently and effectively handle complex environments.

You can choose where this vacuum should go. The Proscenic app allows you to control everything: cleaning modes, scheduled cleanings, specific cleanings, virtual off-limit zones, and cleaning zones. It can also save multiple floor maps so that you don't have to set them all again. Additionally, it also provides compatibility with Alexa, so you can give it voice commands to control cleaning.

The M7 Pro robotic vacuum is powered by a Nidec brushless motor. It has a maximum suction power of 2700Pa and can easily collect pet hair, dirt, and fine dust. Voltage - 14.4V

Extra-large batteries can provide up to 150 minutes cleaning time. This is enough to clean a large home measuring 300 square meters. Automatically increases suction when a carpet is detected. This allows for easy transitions between hard floors and carpets.

Neato D9 Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The 200-minute runtime of the Neato D9 is quite impressive compared to it's competitors. It can clean up to 1,600 sq. feet per charge. However, if you need more time, this robot can auto-recharge and resume work.

Neato's D shape design is able to reach dirt where other robots cannot--in corners and along walls, navigating itself using its LaserSmart LIDAR technology. This technology is used in self-driving cars and helps map your home and leave your carpets clean and methodically vacuumed.

You can customize your floor plan mapped by this robot on the App by adding Zones that indicate areas it should clean more often or No-Go Zones that indicate areas it should avoid (such as a child's play area, pet food bowl corners, etc.).

The Helix Multi-Surface brush is up to 70% larger than round robots, and 50% quieter when cleaning hard surfaces. This brush is great for tile, hardwood, and carpet. Neato's dirt bin of 0.7 liters is the industry leader and requires less frequent emptying.

Turbo mode is available for deeper cleaning. The Neato D9 has 40% more dirt pickup than the Neato D3 and Neato D5 robot vacuums. On the other hand, the Neato D10 offers some even more advanced features and over twice the run time than the D9 that we covered in this list.

iRobot Roomba i7 (7150) Robot Vacuum

This Roomba pulls in stubborn dirt with a Premium 3-Stage Cleaner and 10X the Powerlifting Suction. It uses vSLAM navigation to learn the layout of your house and creates personal Smart Maps. This allows it to clean up and navigate in neat, efficient rows.

Cleaning crumbs on the floor is as simple as saying "Roomba, clean underneath the kitchen table," or using the iRobot Home App. That's because the i7 comes with Amazon Alexa support built into it.

Smart Mapping allows your robot to know your kitchen from your living area so that you can choose where and when it cleans. Your robot will know to avoid areas such as play areas or pet bowls with Keep-Out Zones.

Roomba's i7 robot vacuum cleaner is smarter than ever. It learns where and when you clean most often and suggests personalized schedules that allow you to focus on other things.

The unique dual multi-surface rubber brushes are non-tangled and won't catch pet hair. The brushes adjust to be in constant contact with hard floors and carpets. High-Efficiency Filter traps 99 percent of dog and cat dander allergens.

The Roomba robot vacuum and Braava robot mop combine their Imprint Link Technology to automatically vacuum then mop in perfect order, giving you a thorough clean.

If you're looking for an even more advanced Roomba that can handle pet hair and carpet cleaning, make sure to check out the Roomba i7+.

Enther Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Enther robot vacuum has 6 cleaning modes: auto cleaning, max vacuuming, edge cleaning, random cleaning, area cleaning and deep cleaning. You can switch between the different modes and power levels at will.

The C200 robot vacuum cleaner has a 2600mAh rechargeable battery. It can work continuously for 120 minutes, making it suitable for cleaning most households.

This Robot Vacuum features an advanced 3D obstacle avoidance function, pressure-sensitive soft bumper, and infrared sensor for evading obstacles. Drop-sensing technology is also available to prevent falls.

The C200 robotic vacuum cleaner will clean your home better using a Zig-zag method, as opposed to random path robot vacuums. It can climb slopes of up to 12-15 degrees. C200 floor vacuum has dual side brushes that work seamlessly with a nylon and rubber rolling brush to pick-up pet hair and dirt.

Low-height design of 2.89 inches allows for easy cleaning under low-lying furniture. The robot vacuum's 500ml visible anti-spill container can hold more cleanings per clean, which reduces the need to empty it as often. It is easy to install and remove.

This robot comes with a remote control and does not connect via an App or voice commands.

The C200 robot vacuum comes with phone technical support, an AC adapter, a charging base, and 4x side brushes. There is also 1x remote controller (2AAA batteries), 1x HEPA filter, 1x cleaning tool and our worry-free warranty of 18 months.

Cleaning a Robot Vacuum

Robot vacuum cleaner usually need to be cleaned after picking up pet fur clumps and dust. The dustbin size is on average 400ml and you will need to empty it after each run. However, self-emptying models won't require you to do this.

If fur is tangled, make sure to check the brush bar every time you empty your dustbin. Your product manual will tell you to keep an eye on the filter and clean it as often as possible.

Keep in mind that your filter must be changed occasionally. To help with maintenance, some brands such as Roborock and Eufy offer cleaning tools that can be used with robot vacuums. iRobot provides accessories for all it's robot vacuums as well.

The performance of your robot vacuum is affected by how regularly it is cleaned. The bin will eventually become full and it will stop picking up debris. Instead of being productive, it might even drag the dirt around if it gets full.

You can find maintenance tips if your robot vacuum has app connectivity. You can schedule reminders to remind you when it is time to replace your filter.

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