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5 choices for a Robot Vacuum - best for pet hair and allergies

Robot Vacuums, which might have sounded insanely futuristic a decade back, are now just everyday appliances that manage your housekeeping. Many of these appliances have advanced features like electronic sensors, lasers, mapping technology and powerful CPUs as well as AI-enhanced software.

If you are a pet owner, it is of essence to have a way to clean pet hair. This very often is a cause for allergies especially among children. It is understandably challenging to constantly manually clean after your pet or hire someone to help you do that. A Robot Vacuum is a great option in such a case. It will clean your home day in and day out, no questions asked!

The best Robot Vacuums are very versatile and can clean bare floors such as hardwood, tile, and area rugs. Some models have a suction power that rivals even handheld vacuums. They are cool, but come at a heftier price tag than the average handheld vacuum. that can also run into four-figures. The ROI that a Robot Vacuum offers depends from household to household, but we've found that it tremendously reduces the time you have to spend on manual cleaning and significantly protects you against dust and allergies.

Features like self-emptying dustbins and the ability to map multiple spaces and floor plans hike up the price of some models. One thing to remember is that these gadgets are not only time-savers in the short term but will last you many years. So when you get one, consider that you're going to be using it for several years to come.

Our list of products here will help you find a Robot Vacuum best for pet hair cleaning so that you and your family doesn't have to go through allergies and other trouble because of it.

5 Robot Vacuums that are best for pet hair cleaning

1. iRobot Roomba Plus S9 Plus - our pick

This would be the robot vacuum to get if someone handed you a blank check. This is my choice for the best Roomba. The iRobot Roomba S9 Plus is a very expensive vacuum. It costs $1,100, though sometimes it can be discounted.

This robotic vacuum offers powerful suction and excellent dirt and dust removal for a staggering price. If money is not an issue, this robot vacuum is one of the best.

This Roomba collects an average of 93% of the test-sand on hardwood floors, which is the second highest in the group. The Neato Botvac D7 still wins with 95% sand removal. However, its performance on carpets is not as good.

It is able to achieve 36% and 47% for low-pile carpets, respectively.

The Roomba S9 Plus has some trouble cleaning sand from low pile carpeting. It earns a 28% average dust and sand pickup. Although it isn't the best result (that honor goes to the Ecovacs Deebot 600 at 18,%), it is definitely not the worst.

The Roomba S9 Plus is able to remove an average of 71% of sand from a medium-pile carpet while vacuuming. This is the highest result. The Roomba S9 Plus also removes more allergens, including pet hair, pet dander, and allergens than any other vacuum.

The S9 Plus is capable of mapping multiple rooms and floors and avoiding any "keep-out areas" you may have. You can also use the app to ask Alexa and Google Assistant to start cleaning a room. The S9 Plus can also be linked to your Wi-Fi home network.

The best part about the Roomba S9 Plus CleanBase docking station is its speed. It charges the robot's battery, and then empties its dustbin automatically. This makes cleaning very easy and saves you worrying about your battery life. That's how convenient it is.

Check it out on Amazon here.

2. Roborock S7 - best for mid-range price

This powerful robot vacuum/mop combo cleaner takes away dirt, dust, and other debris. Roborock S7 robot vacuums are more efficient than other mop models. It uses sonic vibration technology to scrub your floors up to 3000 times per minute.

This makes it a better choice over many of the competitors. You can tackle all your everyday chores with 2500Pa suction power. You can now get the Roborock S7 robot vacuum and sonic mopping at Wellbots for $585.

Multidirectional floating brushes are available on the S7. They can be used to clean uneven ground more efficiently. Multi-level mapping allows you to set no-go, invisible walls, and no-mop areas for each floor so that your robot can adjust the route map accordingly.

Ultrasonic Carpet Recognition technology is also included in the vacuum. This technology increases the power of carpeted surfaces. The S7 can run for up to 180 minutes before needing to recharge.

The dustbin holds up to 470mL of dirt, dust, and debris, and the 300mL water tank can clean up to 2,150 sq. feet per cleaning session. This all-in-one cleaner is a great choice to cut down on your daily chores and keep your home clean.

The Roborock S7 robot vacuum is our favorite midrange model. It has a low price, great performance, and intelligent navigation. It is able to remove sand from hardwood floors with about the same power (92.8%) that the Roomba S9 Plus (93%), and Neato D7 (95%).

The Roborock S7 pulls sand from carpets with medium and low piles (50.4%) better than the Neato D7. These scored 36% and 47% respectively.

Although the Roborock can not match the Roomba S9 Plus’ impressive ability to remove pet hair, it is better than most. The S7 is able to clean hardwood floors without leaving any hair behind and only leaves a few tufts of the carpeting.

The S7 is able to navigate efficiently thanks to multiple sensors and lasers. This robot mop vacuum's advanced mopping capabilities are another distinguishing feature. Simply fill the machine's reservoir and attach the mopping pad. Now the S7 will mop your floor at your command.

You can mop and vacuum carpets in one cleaning session by simply raising and lowering your mopping pad. It first does a mapping run to determine where the carpets are. The robot mop vacuum uses sensors to verify the presence of carpeting in areas it expects.

Check it out on Amazon here.

3. Lefant M210 Robot Vacuum - best budget robot vacuum

Although you might not expect enough cleaning power from a best budget robot vacuum cleaner, the Lefant M210 RoboVac does just that. The Roborock S7's suction power to clean hardwood floors is 78.9%, while the Roborock S7's is at 78.9%.

It is also able to scour sand from low-pile and medium-pile carpets with decent results.

This robot vacuum is also able to remove pet hairs. The robot pulls every tuft of hair from the hardwood floor. After vacuuming low-pile carpeting, there are many small hair tufts left.

The medium-pile carpets are the most difficult. After the robot vacuum has traveled across this surface, many more hair clumps remain.

The Lefant M210 RoboVac's free-moving tech system. The robot moves slowly around the floor, ping-pong-ball-like. It changes direction whenever it comes across an obstacle or object. It takes the machine around 90 minutes to complete its cleaning cycle.

Check it out on Amazon here.

4. iRobot Roomba J7 Plus

Best Robot vacuums and solid pet waste don't mix. The results are often disastrous if they do. iRobot created the Roomba J7 Plus to address this problem. The robot's software can recognize solid pet waste and steer clear.

The J7 can avoid waste. The robot cleans all open areas in a test pen and does not touch any of the pet waste facsimiles.

The Jet Bot AI Plus robot vacuum is also claimed to be able to clean up pet waste. The robot fails to recognize any of the three objects we gave it. The robot doesn't touch the item for more than a few seconds.

The vacuum often pushes the fake poop piece from one end to the other of the test pen.

The Roomba J7 does a good job on low-pile and hardwood carpets. It removes 91.7% and 58.5 percent of test sand respectively. The robot has trouble vacuuming medium pile carpeting. It pulls away only 17% of the sand.

The Roomba J7 doesn't slow down despite the fact that it has to keep an eye on pet waste. In just 17 minutes, the robot covers the area. The Roomba doesn't have any problems with pet hair on carpets. However, hair on hardwood is an issue. During this test, the Roomba robot vacuum leaves half the material on the floor.

The J7 Plus can empty its dustbin, just like its sibling, the Roomba S9 Plus. The robot's CleanBase docking station charges it and automatically vacuums it.

Check it out on Amazon here.

5. Shark IQ Robot Vacuum

This vacuum comes with a self-emptying bottom that can be used to tackle dirt, dust, and pet hair for up 30 days.

Everyone has chores. Smart technology makes it easier to do the important things in your home. An automated robot vacuum will clean your floors for your money. You can now get a refurbished Shark IQ robotic vacuum with a self emptying base and smart mapping.

Shark IQ delivers powerful suction to carpeted and bare floors. It also features a self cleaning brushroll that prevents pet hair (and humans) from getting caught in the brushroll. This makes it easier to maintain a clean home.

The base can be self-emptied, meaning that it will empty your vacuum once per month and store up to 30 days of waste.

You also get total home mapping, which ensures that your entire home is cleaned. Don't worry if the battery runs out mid-clean. It will automatically recharge and pick up right where it left off.

SharkClean can be used to schedule cleanings or to activate voice controls that allow you to start your vacuum with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. This refurb comes with a limited warranty of 90 days, which makes it a great deal.

Check it out on Amazon here.

How do robot vacuums operate?

Robot vacuum cleaners can navigate your home and clean your floors automatically. Robot vacuum cleaners can be used to clean your home on-demand, according to a schedule, and even when it's not. The best robot vacuums are powered by rechargeable batteries and can be plugged into a dock to charge their battery. Premium models include docking stations that can empty the robot's trashbin when it is full.

How long can robot vacuums last?

Robot vacuums have more moving parts, electronics, and software than regular vacuums. These vacuums can still last as long as conventional vacuums if they are maintained and have replacement parts like brushes, batteries, and filters. This should allow for multiple years of service.

Remember that robot vacuum manufacturers usually provide a one-year limited warranty that covers parts and labor. iRobot and Neato are some examples.

How do robot vacuums perform?

Many factors affect how well a robot vacuum cleans your house. Robots can be stopped from moving if they are obstructed by wires, charging cables, toys, shoes, and clothing. Robots will perform better when there is less clutter. Robot vacuums can clean different types of carpet, including tile and wood flooring.

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