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7 Smart Door Locks - Best for Home Security

Connected locks can keep your home safe. Which device is the best when you consider security, installation ease, integration, and cost? The top smart door locks best have all these capabilities to ensure your safety. Our list of the best smart locks in this article will take you through the best rated ones that we recommend.

While smart locks aren't revolutionizing deadbolt mechanisms they have revolutionized how you interact with them. Because smart locks are compatible with your smartphone, you can use them to open the door without having to hold it. You can also remotely control the lock.

The best smart locks will have different features depending on which door it is and who uses them. Some people will prefer a door lock that can retrofit an existing deadbolt rather than replacing it.

Others may be more concerned about the user code limits, automatic locking, or connecting to your existing security system. Some people find security in upgrading to a smart home. There are a lot of factors that go into deciding which smart door lock to get - check out this guide. Here's our list of smart door locks, best for home security.

August Wi-Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock - Best Overall

August smart locks can be mounted on the inside door of your door. This makes your regular deadbolt smarter and more secure. You can quickly and easily share permanent, schedule, or temporary access to your home and family with friends, family, and others you trust.

The August smart lock installs in just 10 minutes, even if you are not a skilled installer. August locks are compatible with most single-cylinder deadbolts, and they're not much larger than your original thumb turn.

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock can be set up to automatically unlock your home when you arrive, allowing for hands-free unlocking (optional). Your home will automatically lock after your door closes or after a set amount of time.

Your lock can be used with voice assistants including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The Smart lock functionality is available without altering the exterior appearance of your front door as well, since the installation happens on the inside.

A cool optional feature is the ability to connect a Smart Keypad, to unlock your door using unique codes. This is a great option for children, the housekeeper, dog walkers, as well as other regular visitors.

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Bluetooth Smart Lock - Best for Beginners

With the Ultraloq smart door lock the door gets unlocked by using your fingerprint with only one touch, from any angle. You can enter any number of random numbers and still have access to the door, as long as you eventually enter the correct password.

GeoFencing technology unlocks the door if your phone is with you. It tracks when you get near and allows a hands-free access for authorized users. It locks automatically for more security and convenience once you've entered and closed the door. There is no wiring or drilling required for this smart lock. There is an alarm on the smart lock and the app for low battery.

For strength and durability, it uses premium metal construction. The Ultraloq smart lock is one of the most compact smart deadbolts on the market.

Kwikset Halo Touch Fingerprint Smart Lock

Halo Touch smart lock locks store up to 100 fingerprints and help you share access to your close ones. HALO Touch uses fingerprint matching and connects directly with your smartphone via Wi-Fi to add security to your smart home.

It does not require a subscription or third-party smart home hub to work, and can operate in a standalone fashion. This smart lock guards you from advanced break-in methods and allows quick re-keying as well.

You can remotely manage your deadbolt lock, lock and unlock it, set schedules, and check the status of your front door at any time via the App. It also sends you notifications about your lock's activity. Also, you can check the lock event history using the Kwikset App, which helps keep your home secure even in hindsight.

Kwikset Aura Bluetooth Smart Lock - Best for Multiple User Access

The Kwikset App lets you manage your Aura Bluetooth lock via your smart phone, provided you're within Bluetooth range. It helps you lock and unlock your door from your smartphone and is compatible with all Kwikset smart locks.

With up to 250 custom programmable user codes, you always have keyless entry access at your fingertips. You can assign certain codes for on specific days or at specific times too.

Bluetooth range allows you to create, temporarily disable and delete user codes and schedules for customer code users. The App provides notifications of lock activity and shows the door lock's event history.

This smart door lock is best for use cases that involves a larger number of people needing access.

Hornbill Smart Lock Deadbolt - Best for Fingerprint Access

With the Hornbill Smart Lock, you can access your space in a matter of seconds using either your fingerprint, IC card, or key. The Hornbill G2 Gateway lets you grant the smart door lock additional capabilities by connecting to a Wi-Fi remote control or Alexa voice assistant.

The Hornbill smart lock features a very sensitive fingerprint reader that can identify your fingerprint in 0.3 seconds. It will unlock your door in a second - which is way faster than searching for your key to open the door!

This is an amazing smart device for your home or apartment and even hotels and offices. This keyless entry lock features electronic key sharing, real-time viewing of unlocking records, and passcode modification. Zinc alloy is used for the inside as well as outside panels, making it anti-impact and capable of withstanding harsh environments.

This smart door lock can be installed in minutes using a standard screwdriver and included screws. The best part is you don't necessarily have to call the electrician if you know what you're doing. It is compatible with classic US left or right handed wooden doors.

LockState RemoteLock Wi-Fi Smart Door Lock - Best for Property Management

This smart lock lets you easily add or remove user codes via web or mobile app remotely. The RemoteLock is an internet-controlled smart lock that allows you to remotely lock and unlock your doors.

You can lock or open your door when you're away from the smartphone App. It also lets you add or remove user codes and sends text or email alerts about the activity of your lock. The same app lets you manage multiple doors on a single property, making this smart lock a good choice for large homes.

A cool feature of this smart lock is the ability to work with Airbnb! If you're letting your space on Airbnb, you can sync this door lock with it and it automatically gets the guest and booking information so that the right guest can be let in!

Since this device works with Wi-Fi, it doesn't need additional equipment that Zigbee and Z-Wave devices depend on. It directly connects to your home Router.

Wyze Smart Door Lock - Best for Upgrading Existing Lock Mechanisms

The Wyze app allows you to lock or unlock your doors from literally anywhere. Wyze Lock can connect to your WiFi using the Wyze Lock Gateway. To ensure that you never need to remember keys or codes again, enable auto-lock and auto-unlock.

Wyze makes it super easy to set up the smart lock since Alexa can sync with it and guide you right from the start. The Wyze Lock allows you to share access to your home with family members, friends, contractors, dog walker, and anyone else you choose while keeping you in control.

The Wyze App provides a history of lock-and-unlock events and lets you control who can access your home. Not only can it tell you the status of the lock at any time but also whether the door is closed or open. It uses a built-in GPS to determine the door's position and automatically opens the door if it detects you approaching.

You simply have to walk up to the door, and it will unlock by itself. Once you go inside, it will lock behind you. The Wyze Smart Lock Keypad or Wyze Cam can be purchased separately for additional security and surveillance. This smart door lock uses your existing key and deadbolt mechanism.


Smart locks by major manufacturers like Yale and Schlage are reliable security devices, but only if they're used correctly. A smart lock with the PIN 1-2-3-4 will not be as secure as a lock which is three feet away from a key under a doormat.

Because keys are more easily lost than your fingers (if you use a fingerprint lock), Smart locks are often more secure than standard locks because keys are much easier to lose than fingerprint locks.

Smart locks, like all smart home tech, are becoming more affordable but not cheap. A smart lock is made up of several components. These include the hardware, which includes the deadbolt, fingerprint sensor and other parts. There is also the software component that enforces security, manages access, encrypts data, connects to the app and makes sure that things work well at all times.

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You can get these door locks at any local locksmith shop and if not available there then you can buy these locks online.

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