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Face Detection with Python
Face Detection & Attendance Systems
Object Recognition with OpenCV
Object Identification & Classification
IoT Data Logger
IoT DataLogger with Cloud Dashboard
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IoT Product development with Raspberry Pi
IoT Devices & Edge Applications

We define and develop the physical IoT nodes with open-source Hardware and customised programming.


Based on the project details, we pick the best technologies to develop the IoT Device and implement the Edge Applications on.

IoT Dashboards and Data uploading
Web Dashboards, Analytics & APIs

To enable Cloud Connectivity, Data Visualization and more advanced capabilities, we build Web Dashboards with APIs.


These complement the functionality of the physical IoT devices and provide the best value to the Users.

Mobile Apps for IoT Solutions
Mobile Apps for Analytics & Control

A lot of IoT use cases require mobile usability for better User Experiences. We develop Android and iOS Mobile Applications that enhance our IoT Solutions.

With APIs and connectivity, Mobile Apps can control as well as visualise data from physical IoT Devices.



"Competent, knowledgeable, patient and diligent with exploring and delivering the project."
"Excellent delivery!  Delivered much earlier than expected. They are a pleasure to work with, and an honour to have on my project."
"They worked tirelessly to find a solution for this project and also provided valuable input and ideas regarding it's execution."

- Richard W, Entrepreneur (Indonesia)

A system of distributed IoT nodes that sync wirelessly and light up in sequences  

- Shailesh C, Entrepreneur (UK)

Intelligent Human Detection in Retail using WiFi Sniffing, IoT and Cloud Analytics

- Joshua A, Researcher (USA)

Capturing and Uploading Images to a Cloud Server based on real-time Sound and Object Identification 

MVP Development Agency for Entrepreneurs and Startups

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Raspberry Pi Development, Arduino Development and MVP Development

By leveraging the power of reliable open-source Hardware, we specialize on our core expertise of developing IoT applications. With many years of experience with tools like Raspberry Pi, Arduino and ESP32, we are able to develop and deploy robust solutions using them.

IoT wireless communication with WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM and more

Machine-to-Machine and Machine-to-Server communication are the core of IoT. We implement the best technologies for communication, including WiFi, GSM, Bluetooth and more. We then implement the communication using the most apt protocols, choosing from the likes of HTTP, MQTT, Sockets, UDP and more.

AI, Machine Learning, Image Processing on Raspberry Pi

Good Backend Software is crucial for most IoT Solutions. We develop custom Raspberry Pi applications, Servers, Image Processing scripts, AI use cases and more to implement advanced features in our Solutions. We also opt for no-code technologies where applicable to optimise the development further.

Raspberry Pi for MVP development and Prototyping
Python software and server development and Prototyping
Arduino for MVP development and Prototyping
Image Processing software development with OpenCV
ESP32 and ESP8266 MVP development and Prototyping
Golang software and server development and Prototyping with Go


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