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14 Home Office Essentials to Boost Productivity

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Most office workers work long hours. They can experience stress and back pain as a result. These issues can be prevented by using home office gadgets.

High-tech office gadgets include ergonomic chairs, desks, lamps, and anything that will increase productivity and creativity. This article looks at 14 home office gadgets that can help improve your work performance.

1. Desk organizers

An organized desk helps you get the most out of it. A messy work environment on the other hand can cause distractions and negatively impact your productivity. A desk organizer will solve this problem for you. Desk organizers come with a ton of benefits that help streamline your workspace.

They can be used to store files, documents, and all your work gear. You can pick them up quickly when you need them. Although some desks have installed desk organizers, it is always good to buy one.

Recommended Products:

Monitor Stand + Desk Organizer - details on Amazon

Monitor Stand with Cable Management - details on Amazon

Monitor Stand with built-in bookshelf - details on Amazon

2. Headphones that cancel out noise

This is yet another important gadget for your home office. Some workers don't like the sound of music while they work, unlike those who buy speakers for their offices. Noise and music can distract workers from their work and cause anxiety. You can solve this problem by purchasing noise-canceling headphones.

To check your phone for calls, make sure you always check it. These headphones make it nearly impossible to hear outside sounds. Soundproof walls are also an option. However, this is more costly than headphones.

Recommended Products:

Anker Noise Cancelling Headphones - details on Amazon

Bose Quiet Comfort Headphones - details on Amazon

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones with Alexa - details on Amazon

Sony Affordable Noise Cancelling Headphones - details on Amazon

3. LumiCharge

Good lighting is vital for office workers. This is extremely necessary if you work at night. In the long term, vision problems can result from straining your eyes to see what you are doing. A desk lamp can help you see clearly.

However, not all desk lamps will be able to assist you. The LumiCharge lamp is the best available. It can be adjusted in height and the type of light it gives you.

You can also save your settings from being ready to go the next time you turn on your lamp. It can be used even during the day. Because of the light it provides, everything is easier to see. It will help you avoid sight problems.

Recommended Products:

Lumicharge Smart Desk Lamp - details on Amazon

Lepro Smart Desk Lamp - details on Amazon

4. Autonomous SmartDesk

The MONOMI smart desk is one of the most helpful desk gadget. You get the luxurious space to keep all the other gadgets you use daily and can choose the height you want for your convenience with 3 buttons.

You can simply assemble all your stuff right on the desk, and you're good to go. There is a wide space for things, right from your laptop, PC, mouse, files, and other gadgets.

You are fully equipped for every meeting or project with a separate under-tray for the keyboard. Complete the aesthetic of your smart home office look with this classy-looking autonomous smart desk.

5. Calendar Desk Pad

This is a must-have for your home office. Work stress can cause you to forget important dates and miss deadlines. A calendar desk pad helps avoid these problems and allows you to keep track of important dates and add a touch of style to your office.

Many prefer to use a digital planner. A physical calendar allows you to plan your week more easily. There are many calendar desk pads available, so take your time to find the one that you like best.

Recommended Products:

Calendar Desk Pads - see products on Amazon

Digital Desk Calendar - details on Amazon

6. Portable Smartphone Charger

Smartphones are often essential for work. A low battery can really get in the way of productivity. So how do you ensure that your phone is charged and be able to use it at the same time? Try a portable charger (aka power banks).

Recommended Products:

Hypercharger Portable Fast Charger - details on Amazon

Ultra-compact Portable Charger - details on Amazon

7. Dual Monitors

Dual monitors allow multitasking and increase productivity. This is because multiple apps and programs can be viewed and used simultaneously. People that work from home sometimes have to switch between windows to refer to things while on a video call. Coders, designers and project managers have found great value in increasing the size of their monitor and even extending it with additional ones.

You can achieve more in a short time if you have multiple apps open at once. This is sumptuous for somebody who has to work on various things or use different programs. Using them also allows you to browse other items without closing any tabs or programs.

An alternative to extending your screen could also be getting an ultra-wide monitor. This gives you the benefits of extended screens without the hassle of managing multiple gadgets.

Recommended Products:

Portable snap-on dual monitor extender - details on Amazon

Triple snap-on monitor extender - details on Amazon

Ultra-wide Curved Monitor - details on Amazon

8. Air Purifier

Your health can be seriously affected by dust and other contaminants. Dust can cause allergies and other viruses in your workplace.

An air purifier is the most promising solution to this problem. This indoor device cleans the air and removes all contaminating agents. They are often thought to be useless - because they have a very subtle role to play. But we can assure you that you are so much better off having high quality air in your workplace. Many people with asthmatic issues and other breathing disorders have noticed the change in rooms with air purifiers.

If you want your office safe from dust, get an air purifier.

Recommended Products:

Shark Air Purifier - details on Amazon

Levoit Air Purifier (works with Alexa) - details on Amazon

9. Decorate your office

Contrary to what many people believe, decorations can make you feel happier while at work. Your brain will feel more active when you visit a place you love. Your office can be attractive for many reasons.

You can look for wall art, indoor plants, or paintings for decoration ideas. This will make you feel more at ease while you work. It would be best if you chose decorations that fit the style of your office. Make sure that the decorations you pick go well together - decorations that don't match can have an opposite effect!

10. Desktop Clocks

It can be challenging to keep an eye on time. Clocks are a great way to know the time at any given moment. This clocks offer the capability of setting alarms and time-boxing your work. This really ups your efficiency at work without the need to look at your phone to tell the time (which could lead to an unplanned 20-minute Youtube session).

Alarms are a great way to speed up work with many tasks and deadlines. You will be motivated to work faster by setting the alarm and completing all tasks before the alarm goes off. This increases productivity and can significantly improve your work performance.

Recommended Products:

LED Table Clock with Alarms - details on Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot with time readout & Alexa - details on Amazon

11. Speakers

Are you a music lover? Install speakers in your office. Playing classical or the most recent hits can help you focus better on your work. Music has many possibilities.

Speakers should always be of good quality. Very loud music and low-quality sound can distract you from your work. Experts recommend listening to classical music and lofi beats when working. You can listen to any music you like, and it will stimulate your creativity.

Alternatively, you could also go for a good pair of headphones. Check out the section above.

Recommended Products:

Doss Bluetooth Speaker - details on Amazon

Echo Smart Speaker with Alexa - details on Amazon

12. Ergonomic Chairs

Many office workers around the world have found ergonomic chairs useful. Whether you're burning the midnight oil or just working, you need a chair that takes care of your back and posture.

The Hbada Ergonomic Chair ensures high durability with a maximum weight of 250lbs.

Add it to the décor and maximize your productivity during long hours of work.

It looks smart and fells comfortable during a meetings, video conferences and long work sprints.

Smart office chairs are a great office tool. They can be used for many purposes. These chairs have unique features that will make your work experience more enjoyable and comfortable - thanks to lumbar support, full adjustability, and armrests.

13. LED Lights

Lighting is essential for any office. But LED lights make your office lighting work for you. Lighting plays the role of setting your office ambience, regulating your mood at work and also ensuring that you have the right amount of light to get your work done. LED strips and cove lights are ideal for these use cases.

Often, workplaces have harsh and rigid lighting setups that leave you with headaches - and there's not much you can do about it. Smart Lights - especially LED ones - are programmable, controllable and dimmable, meaning you can customize your office environment up for maximum productivity. An added bonus is that a lot of Smart Light products are compatible with Alexa - so you could control them hands-free!

Also check out the desk lamps section in this article.

Recommended Products:

Phillips Hue Smart Lights - details & range on Amazon

TPLink Kasa Smart LED Strips - details on Amazon

14. Webcams and desktop microphones

The recent lockdown saw a major move from onsite work to online work, and with it rose the need to have good video conferencing equipment. A good webcam and microphone / headset can play a huge role in streamlining your everyday work.

Any trouble with these can mean missing meetings, incomplete communication with our team, or worse, even further problems on ongoing projects at work.

We recommend some well tried and tested products for your communication setup so that these kinds of challenges never need to come up.

Recommended Microphones / Headsets:

USB wired over-ear Headset - details on Amazon

Wireless earbuds for work - details on Amazon

Recommended Webcams:

Logitech HD Webcam - details on Amazon

eMeet 1080p Wide-Angle Webcam - details on Amazon

Bottom line

Home office gadgets can dramatically improve your work performance. There are many options online for home office gadgets like these. It is crucial to evaluate your priorities and choose the office accessories that are most beneficial for you. The right accessories are a long-term investment.

We may receive commissions on products purchased via our links.

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